Helpful Links & Resources

Complete the FAFSA online.

Apply for your FSA ID, which can be used each year to electronically apply for federal student aid and to access your Federal Student Aid records online.

Kentucky students can review KEES awards and state grants.

Monitor your verification progress through your MyKHEAA account.

Check your Federal Direct Loan history online. You will need your FSA ID to access your account.

Register or verify registration status.

Read free information about funding your education.

A checklist to let you know what you should be doing to prepare for college.

Federal Direct Loan Program

A student must have a FSA ID before they can complete a Federal Direct Loan.

Complete Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling

Complete Master Promissory Loan

If you are leaving school, graduating or dropping below half-time enrollment you must complete this process to ensure you understand your student loan obligations.

Complete Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling